Remo Savisaare looduskalender 2012

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Remo Savisaar kalender 2012

Mul on hea meel teatada, et poodidesse on jõudnud minu 2012. aasta autorikalender!
Kalender on spiraalköites, avatuna 30 x 42cm ja trükitud läikivale paberile.

Hind on taskukohane: 3,29€

Lähemalt uuri siit või päisest.

Idee: kuna kalender on standardmõõdus, siis saab mõnelt vanalt kalendrilt sellele ka
kuupäeva akna juurde panna. See teeb kalendri eriti mõnusaks :)

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10 Responses to “Remo Savisaare looduskalender 2012”

  1. Peeter says:

    Juba olemas! :))) Suurepärane kalender.

  2. German says:

    Meie peres kohustuslik jõulukingitus!

  3. Kadi says:

    Kindlasti teen nii enda kui mõne sõbra jõulude ajal õnnelikuks selle kalendriga :)

  4. Joe says:

    Is there any chance of getting a calendar shipped to the USA? I tried on one of the websites that sells your calendar but it would not let me create an account without an address in Estonia. Thanks!

  5. Joe, last year Monxton wrote that he ordered calendar from rahvaraamat website.

    Please try that and see if it works like it worked for Monxton:

    For translation please use google translate. I hope, that it will work! :)

  6. monxton says:

    Hi Joe, I have just been through the ordering process for the 2012 calendars.

    You are correct, you cannot register without an Estonian address. However it is not necessary to register to place an order (though you will not get the discount).

    The site uses some javascript which does not seem to play nicely with Google translate. Therefore, rather than using the site from “inside” Google translate, I found it necessary to use the site untranslated but to keep copying and pasting into Google translate in a separate window. This is a bit more clunky, but it worked for me.

    The paradigm is pretty much identical to any other online shopping cart, so it’s quite easy to follow. When you get to choosing the shipping mechanism, your only choice is “ELS kuller”, because that is the only one which lets you enter an overseas address. Then just check the “Accept Terms and Conditions” box, and enter your credit card details as you normally would. HTH

  7. monxton says:

    … continued

    In 2011 the Rahva Raamat was the only option for foreigners, but I just took a look at the Apollo bookshop, which also supports overseas orders this year, and the process looks a lot easier, because there is translation (into English or Russian) built into the website. The bottom line does work out a bit more expensive, but it is much simpler to navigate. They will let you register as a foreigner if you enter a passport number.

    I didn’t go though to the order, because I had already ordered mine from Rahva Raamat, where I got good service last year.

  8. Judy says:

    I love the photo you have on the front of the calendar!! The long shadows, and the blowing snow are just so beautiful!

  9. Joe says:

    Thanks for your help Remo and Monxton! I used Rahva Raamat and it wasn’t difficult (after I used your trick of translating in a different page).

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